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We proudly present the speaker for the FRAMOS training "Understanding CMOS Sensor Technology"

Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen
Harvest Imaging


Top key takeaways from this training are:


Understanding of the various pixel architectures used in CMOS image sensors


Learn more about the various architectures of CMOS image sensors and their pros and cons 


Discover why particular image sensors are better suited for specific applications

Avoid the common pitfalls when reviewing image sensor specifications and data sheets



Each ticket includes access to the online training and documentation that is required to complete practical tasks, as well hardcopies of training materials. After your registration, we will contact you regarding payment details.

Hurry up, only limited participants possible and registration closes XXX.

The training will start with a short overview of the sensor and the lens, and will then dive into the details of a “standard” colour pipeline that is used to make a colour image out of the raw sensor signal. The training is accessible to designers, development and test engineers that deal with colour cameras. 


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Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen is one of the most excellent and renowned experts in the field of imaging. As a professor at the Delft University of Technology, his main focus was on researching and coaching in the field of imaging. 

After spending several years as CTO and Lead Scientist for DALSA, he is now fully focused on training, coaching, and teaching in the field of solid-state imaging technology with his company, Harvest Imaging. The SMPTE‘s (Society for Motion Pictures and Television Engineers) Fuji Gold Medal was awarded to Dr. Theuwissen for his contributions in research, development and education.

Understand the interaction of the various parts of the colour pipeline


Get understanding the interaction of the various parts of the colour pipeline



Everyone who is interested in understanding how CMOS image sensors work, and how they are optimized towards specific applications. The training is accessible to designers, developers and test engineers that deal with CMOS image sensors and CIS cameras. This training is designed to provide participants with detailed, technical information. Participants are expected to have a good prior understanding of digital imaging techniques and technologies along with an understanding of IC and semiconductor design technologies.

How to make a beautiful colour image out of the signal delivered by a sensor


This training will be conducted online which enables you to participate from anywhere in the world. The web platform will allow you see and interact with the speaker.

All talks will be held at the FRAMOS Office in Taufkirchen, Munich

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Understanding CMOS Sensor Technology

Detailed Training around Image Sensor Technology: From Fundamental Pixel Architectures to 2D Imagers, Sensors for Various Environments, and Implementation into Different Applications.

Nov 29 - 30, 2022 
2 PM - 9 PM CET | 8 AM - 3 PM EST | 5 AM - 12 PM PST

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