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FRAMOS® 2020

The FRAMOS Ecosystem of Sensor Modules and Adapters

The FRAMOS Ecosystem of Sensor Modules and Adapters


Sensor Modules

Pre-existing sensors are placed on a PCB with a standardized connector with enough circuit conditioning to get the sensor up and running quickly. The Modules also include a matching lens and lens mount already assembled. 

 No matter what data interface is provided by the sensor, (e.g. LVDS, MIPI, or similar), these boards translate into a common signaling interface provided through the FRAMOS connector. 

Sensor Module Adapters (FSA)

The FPA boards makes it easy to use the preexisting sensor module portfolio to work with a large number of processor boards., just like NVIDIA Jetson TX2, DragonBoard 410c and 96boards

Processor Adapter Boards

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